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To make your dental experience more relaxing, Dr. Ruby Ann Dollins offers BrainTap as a natural way to reduce stress and anxiety in the dental office. BrainTap uses calming frequencies of light and soothing sound to stimulate brain wave entertainment. This technology is relaxing, allowing you to revitalize yourself. Many of our patients have been able to relax and unwind while using the BrainTap technology.

At Bel Villaggio, we don’t offer sedation for children. Instead, we offer BrainTap as a natural solution to treat stress and anxiety while in the dental office. BrainTap promotes emotional stability and is a better choice for children than traditional sedation options. BrainTap is great for adults as well, as it promotes self-healing and self-recognition. This NeuroTrainer technology helps to decrease anxiety.

If our dentist recommends that you try BrainTap, you will enjoy the relaxing results. The wearer puts on specially designed headphones and glasses to guide relaxation while improving neurochemicals and helping the brain to eliminate excess stress chemicals. When you finish your dental treatment, you will feel comfortable and at ease.

If you want to experience the joys of BrainTap in Temecula, California, call (951) 296-2080. We are sure you will love this natural alternative to sedation.