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At Bel Villaggio, we are excited to be able to help our patients using the AO Scan system. This full body scanner can be used to examine your entire body. The AO Body Scanner is very safe because it is completely non-invasive, and it can give you helpful information about your body that you can bring to your physician to help them know best how to improve your health.


The Subtle Energy Frequency Imprinter (S.E.F.I.) is a device designed to capture, amplify and imprint subtle energy frequencies and can either broadcast or imprint those frequencies into a target object like a sugar pill, tincture, bracelet, necklace, ring, etc.


The AO Scanner works by passing micro-current frequencies through your body and using them to identify the specific frequencies, known as Vibrational Frequencies, associated with the human body. Then it compares them to a library of over 120,000 different recorded Vibrational Frequencies that have been isolated, identified and catalogued. These frequencies are typically the same in every human body and we use them analyze any issues that you may have.

The AO Body Scanner can also assist in balancing your body to an optimal frequency. It is able to do through a process called sympathetic vibratory physics. This process involves sending a healthy, sympathetic frequency into your body which can encourage an organ or tissue to move back toward its ideal frequency. When the frequencies of your body are disrupted, which can be the result of injury, diet, stress or emotion, it is possible that you can experience conditions like fatigue, depression, illness, disease and even death. The use of the AO Scan can help to alleviate these conditions by helping regulate your body’s frequencies.


The AO Body Scanner is often compared to Rife Machines and Biofeedback machines. Rife Machines, also known as a Rife frequency generator, were developed by Royal Raymond Rife in the 1920s and send low energy waves through the patient’s body. Biofeedback machines can come as interactive computer programs or wearable devices and can be used to track vitals like brain waves, breathing, heart rate, muscle contraction, sweat gland activity and temperature. We have found that the AO Body Scanner is superior to either of these type of machines for full-body analysis.


To learn more about AO Scan in Temecula, California, and schedule a consultation with Dr. Ruby Ann Dollins, call our office today at (951) 296-2080. or visit the AO Scan Website.