Bel Villaggio features the advanced AO Scan system in our office. This technology allows us to perform full-body evaluations to detect abnormalities in the cells, tissue and organs. By performing these non-invasive neuropathic screenings, our dentist can analyze your current state of health and develop a customized treatment plan to improve your health and wellbeing. This scan displays your body in great detail, and can even project your health status 3-5 years into the future.

AO Scan uses safe radio frequencies to diagnose your current state of health, and is especially helpful for patients who are interested in a metal detox. The results of the AO Scan will help our dentist to create a plan that will lead to a more balanced, harmonious state of living.

To learn more about AO Scan in Temecula, California, and schedule a consultation with Dr. Ruby Ann Dollins, call our office today at (951) 296-2080.

For more information on AO Scan, you can visit the AO Scan Website.

In order to help our patients get the care they need to stay healthy, our practice works with the Turtle Island Network. Visit the Turtle Island Network to learn more about their provider network and then click here to join.

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