Introduce Your Teen or College Student to Natural Dentistry

We practice natural dentistry in our clinic which means that we do our best to use materials and methods that are not or minimally invasive, the materials and solutions we use are non-toxic and we help the body to be positioned to […] Continue Reading

Why You Need a Biological Dentistry Office and How to Find One

If new to the area or looking for a different dentist for the family, it is a good idea to find someone offering biological dentistry. This is the approach that we take in our clinic and we have witnessed our […] Continue Reading

Benefits of Wearing Dentures

Dental technology has improved to the point that dentures fit far more securely and look more attractive than they have in years past. Additionally, there are more options available to patients in regards to the type of dentures that are worn, making […] Continue Reading

Why You Should Schedule a Teeth Whitening Appointment

If you are going back to college, visit our clinic for a

Natural Dentistry is Part of a Healthy Life

By offering patients the option of natural dentistry, we make it possible to improve oral health in the best way possible. We believe that it is possible for the body to assist in restoring good dental health. When we complete dentistry in a […] Continue Reading

Schedule an Appointment for Biological Dentistry this Summer

Biological dentistry is a healthy and natural alternative to traditional dentistry. In our practice, we use biological dentistry because it is the best way to involve the body in the overall healing process. There are multiple approaches to health care. A […] Continue Reading

How to Find a Biological Dentistry Office

Not all dental practices are the same. As a biological dentistry office, we know how important it is to make the distinction. Traditional dentists do an excellent job of caring for patients but tend to be short-sighted when it comes to […] Continue Reading

Signs You Should See a Laser Dentist

There are numerous benefits to visiting a laser dentist but many patients are still unaware of what we do and how we are different from a traditional dentist. We provide the same excellent quality of care that a traditional dentist does. […] Continue Reading

Holistic Dentistry is a Modern Approach to Dental Care

We often ask patients if they know the benefits of holistic dentistry. Very often the answer is "no, I haven’t heard of it." This is understandable because most people go to the dentist without considering the type of dentist they […] Continue Reading

Consider What Goes Into Your Mouth and Visit a Mercury Free Dentist

As a mercury free dentist, we are passionate about the health care of our patients and this includes their long-term health outcomes. Visiting the dentist can have a far more significant impact on long-term health than what one may think. […] Continue Reading